Club news


  • 04/06/2017 - MILLER CUP
    1st J. Perry / M. Jamieson 72.5,  2nd G. Carmichael / H. Hume 73.0,  3rd E. Davis / B. Ryan 73.5, 
    Division 1 Result 1st Keith Watson 68-6c=62,  2nd John Gullen 69-4c=65,  3rd Michael Dawson 74-8c=66,  Division 2 Result 1st Andrew Holburn 83-18c=65,  2nd John Docherty 81-14c=67,  3rd John... Read more
  • 27/05/2017 - Recent winners of the Tillicoultry Opens
    Tillicoultry Open Div1 and Div2 were played at the club last weekend with the course holding up well in difficult conditions. It was encouraging to see players from 16 different clubs participate... Read more
  • 27/05/2017 - GENTS MEDAL 7
    Division 1 Result 1st Keir Paterson 66-6c=60,  2nd Grant Carmichael 67-5c=62,  3rd Andrew Hunter 77-14c=63,  Division 2 Result 1st Donald Fraser 82-17c=65,  2nd Barry Adams 84-15c=69,  3rd Matthew... Read more
  • 26/05/2017 - GENTS SENIOR 50+
    1st James Hume 26pts,  2nd James Dolan 21pts,  3rd Robert Paxford 20pts
  • 20/05/2017 - TILLY OPEN DIV ONE
    1st Charlie Perrie 76-12c=64,  2nd Steven Watson 69-5c=64,  3rd John Gullen 70-4c=66
  • 13/05/2017 - GENTS MEDAL 6
    Division 1 Result 1st Scott Hunter 73-3c=70,  2nd Grant Gillespie 86-14c=72,  3rd Ewan Boyd 85-12c=73,  Division 2 Result 1st Sandy Love 84-17c=67,  2nd Greig Barker 84-16c=68, 3rd William Ross 87... Read more
  • 07/05/2017 - MACKIN TROPHY
    1st Colin Johnston 68-4c=64, 2nd Michael Dawson 75-9c=66, 3rd Scott Hunter 70-4c=66
  • 06/05/2017 - GENTS MEDAL 5
    Division 1 Result 1st Grant Carmichael 40pts,  2nd Keir Paterson 38pts,  3rd Steven Watson 34pts,  Division 2 Result 1st Donald Fraser 36pts,  2nd Charles Ivatt 36pts,  3rd John Dolan 32pts
  • 30/04/2017 - GENTS MEDAL 4
    Division 1 Result 1st John Perry 78-9c=69,  2nd Keith Watson 79-6c=73,  3rd Colin Johnston 78-4c=74,  Division 2 Result 1st Sandy Love 87-16c=71,  2nd James Dolan 90-19c=71,  3rd Ian Campbell 87-... Read more