General Notices

Course Rental (7th/8th): 50/50 draw

The purpose of the 50/50 draw is to proved funds to cover the annual rental for the7th & 8th holes.

All members may enter the 50/50 monthly draw.

Members participating pay £4 to enter the draw and 50% of the total entry money collected for the month goes to the rental and the rest goes to the winner of the draw.

To cover current annual rental  we need at least 63 members  taking part.  Unfortunately we are not achieving the target participation and in recent months it has fallen to around 45 members.

This does not cover the existing rental and even less so in the near  future when the rental will increase for 2019, and every 5 years thereafter. Any shortfall has to come from general funds.

All playing members benefit from this draw, in-so-much-as it maintains our access to the two holes. We need more members to participate and urge you all to consider joining in to help the Club.