Club news


  • 25/05/2018 - SENIOR MEDAL 2
    1st David Forsyth 19pts,  2nd David Buist 19pts,  3rd Grant Looker 19pts 
  • 23/05/2018 - GENTS 9 HOLE MEDAL 1
    1st Stuart Breingan 19pts,  2nd Hugh Adamson 18pts,  3rd Connor Fraser 18pts 
  • 13/05/2018 - Walter Woods Seniors 50+
    1st Charles Ivatt 82-18c=64,  2nd Sandy Love 85-15c=70,  3rd Mark Hale 94-23c=71 
  • 12/05/2018 - GENTS MEDAL 4 - amended result
    Division 1 Result 1st Steven Watson 71-4c=67,  2nd John Docherty 81-13c=68,  3rd Grant Carmichael 73-5c=68,  Division 2 Result 1st John Dolan 87-16c=71,  2nd Robert Bonnar 91-18c=73,  3rd Donald... Read more
  • 05/05/2018 - MACKIN TROPHY
    1st Scott Hunter 42pts,  2nd Stuart Rigg 40pts,  3rd Sandy Love 40pts, 
  • 28/04/2018 - GENTS MEDAL 3
    Division 1 Result 1st Colin Johnston (R) 70-3c=67,  2nd Kenneth Mitchell 72-4c=68,  3rd Mark Walker 73-4c=69,  Division 2 Result 1st Donald Fraser (R) 83-16c=67,  2nd Stuart Rigg 86-16c=70,  3rd... Read more
  • 27/04/2018 - SENIOR MEDAL 1
    1st John Dolan 17pts,  2nd John Perry 16pts,  3rd Ronnie Thomson 15pts
  • 22/04/2018 - WADDEL SHIELD - WINNERS
    The prestigious Waddell Sheild first played in 1924 was held at the club last weekend with nearly 60 players from historical golf clubs such as Leven and St. Andrews attracting entries. All visitors... Read more
    1st S. Watson / S. Baird 62.0,  2nd I. Pratt / G. SUTHERLAND 62.0,  3rd G. Paterson / P. Ferguson 66.0
  • 14/04/2018 - GENTS MEDAL 2
    Division 1 Result 1st Mike Rust (R) 39pts,  2nd John Gullen (R) 37pts,  3rd John Docherty (R) 37pts,  Division 2 Result 1st James P Stalker 33pts,  2nd James Dolan 32pts,  3rd Robert Cross 31pts,